How to Start Training your Dog

One of the best characteristics of a dog is being obedient. To own a dog, you have to have a strong will like treating the dog like your own child. Pets do act like children. You need to bathe them, feed them, walk them, play with them and teach them new things. Teaching them new things and to be independent is pretty much a challenging task. You have to get that approach you and the dog will both understand. There are different types of dogs and they have their own characteristics. Are you up for a challenging role? Know how to train a dog.

Maintenance, that is their scheduled bath and visit to a veterinarian to make sure they are in good condition or if they need medical attention. Grooming will be part of your dog’s life. Before you train them, they must be in a good condition.

Training your dog requires your full attention, patience, and understanding. It is a very challenging role since both of you communicates differently. If the dog needs to be in good condition at the start of the training, so as the owner. You have to make sure that you have studied the dog’s characteristics very well and their behavior.

Toys, treats, and other materials are also helpful in training your dog. You may start with the simplest form of gestures for sit, roll over, stand, and all the basic tricks for a dog to follow. Each successful action they do, you have to give them a reward, the treat. From here, you may jump to the next level of teaching them simple tricks using obstacles.

Prepare yourself for failures. Yes, failures. Because sometimes, dogs are not that obedient to follow instructions. Obedience of the dogs starts from the day they stepped in inside your home. if you are that person with the emotional connection with them, the better. This will be easier because building trust will not be that hard. Trust is one of the most important factors for the dog to follow what you say. They are obedient because they trust you, they would know if you have intentions of no harm to them.

If love and care are evident, dogs will repay something in return: their loyalty. Just like children, they know nothing until you teach them to become someone and everything will start with a connection that will bind the dog and the owner. This connection will become stronger as they years pass by.

The intelligence of a dog is not like that with humans. As an owner, you must understand your dogs like their emotions, their reactions towards things and gestures, and their behavior. Not all dogs are the same so before getting your own pet, you must know the characteristics of the dog that you are interested in. You and your dog have to blend in. And for them to be obedient, they must feel the care and the love of their owner and your sincerity to teach them about the things around them.

Knowing the Breed of the Dog that will Compliment your Personality

Dogs will be your companion as you both discover new things about each other. It is going to be a different kind of companionship though as compared to what humans can give you. To know which dog will definitely fit your personality, a little research will help to see which dog is easiest to deal with. It is easy to know the different characteristics of a dog that is very easy to train. Usually, pet sellers will have them available to discuss or you can simply check them online. There are available reviews, blogs and other information about dogs.

Let us start with poodles. They have 3 kinds, the standard, miniature and toy poodle. It has not been proven yet if they are breeds from the French Barbet of from Germany. They are water dog types. This dog was ranked the 2nd most intelligent dog. Aside from being intelligent, they are also energetic and sociable breeds.

Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, are intelligent, friendly, confident reliable, trustworthy and kind. They are large in size breed of dog. They love water and easy to train. They are also known to be obedient and an outdoor dog.

Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a retriever-gun dog. They are outgoing, intelligent, gentle even tempered, trusting, agile and kind.

Collies are known to be independent workers and very sensitive to the needs of their owners. This type of dog is from Scotland. Aside from being independent, they are also intelligent, protective, gentle, loyal, friendly and active.

Originated in Germany are German Shepherds. Their building is from medium to large. This kind of breed is also known as Alsatian in Britain and Ireland. German Shepherds are one of the most obedient dogs. They are also intelligent just like the other dogs, watchful, courageous, alert, loyal, curious and confident.

Continental Toy Spaniel or the Papillons are the ones with the butterfly look ears. They are intelligent, alert, energetic, friendly, hardy and happy. They are actually considered as one of the oldest Spaniel types.

The combined breed of Welsh Corgis from Wales and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Came from the British Isles, these dogs are very affectionate to their owners, devoted, intelligent, companionable, alert and active. It was known to exist more than 3000 years ago. Most of the elders in the British Isles would own a Cardigan Welsh Corgi because of its characteristics.

Though there are different varieties of breeds to choose from, it is easy to know which one will be the best to go with your everyday life. The kind of dog that fits you sometimes depends on your age, lifestyle and ability to keep the dog. For elders, it is best to have a dog that is easy to train. Take your dog everywhere with the K9 Sport Sack.

With all the characteristics of each dog mentioned above, similar to each other is their intelligence. Indeed, dogs are very intelligent, obedient and easy to be trained especially if you have built connections with them.


K9 Sport Sack Review: Give your Dog the Best View While Walking and Biking

If we got baby carriers for our babies, why not have a dog carrier? Some dog lovers travel a lot and it is kind of difficult to bring a dog stroller or a dog shoulder bag if you are going to walk a lot like tour a city or climb a mountain. Thus, K9 sports sack is the answer every dog and travel lovers are waiting for.

According to different reviews of the K9 Sport Sack, this carrier for their canine made the love between their best friend and travel combined together. It is like living the best of both worlds. Travel and do some adventure with your canine is incomparable. Pet lovers are very happy as well as their dogs. No more short trips due to issues with carrying your pet or where to leave your pet when you travel. It is also safer to have them carried at your back compared from being tried to walk. There are places not safe for the pets like the mountains. Not all pets are open to adapt to new places. This may cause anxiety or fear to them. To feel the warm body of their owners would suffice whatever fear that might instill in them.

Backpacks are also easy to carry. But of course, you need to find the backpack that would fit you so you would not have difficulties when you carry your dog. You also have to consider your dog would fit in as well.

The materials used with the K9 Sport Sack is very light and waterproof too. It is very well made, too, also adjust to the weight of the dog. With the ease of traveling using this backpack, you no longer need to worry about your pet being left alone at home. The backpack can be easily folded and does not eat up much space if you store them. You can also easily put in your dog because of how it was designed. Straps are adjustable to fit your body to your shoulders and the strap to keep your dog safe and steady is also adjustable. Surely, your dog would feel the comfort and enjoy the travel with you. It has mesh panels on both sides to for ventilation. Additional features of the bag are pockets where you can store your valuable things while traveling like your cell phone, car keys, wallet, cards, and even water bottle. There are different designs available you can choose from.

Have that time with your family and pets. Make it very comfortable for everyone to enjoy every moment and create memories with your dog with ease. Dogs are considered man’s best friend. With their intelligence and their ability to easily adapt to the human world, they must be treated the way they deserve. They are just like babies who need people to look after them and share life with them. They make us happy, giving back that happiness to them is something they would treasure as long as they are alive.

Does your Pet Need a Dog Kennel?

If you have decided to own a dog, you have probably done your research on what dog suits your personality, how to groom the dog, what to feed, how to feed, and all the stuff that the dog needs to live. If you did then you must be doing the right thing to prepare yourself by adding an additional member of the family. Yes, a member of a family. Dogs are not just accessories that you can bring to places. They are like kids that need attention, love, and care. One of the most important things that dog owners should think about is the home for the dog. Some people just have them stay roaming inside the house, others would keep them outside. But the best practice to training and making sure your dog attends to like the human is giving him a dog kennel. This will be the dog’s home and training ground.

You must be wondering why it is best to have a dog kennel at home. Number 1 reason is the safety of your dog. You would not want your dog roaming around inside and outside of your home especially if the dog is not familiar with your place yet. They might fall down the stairs, might break something and get injured, or even eat something poisonous or that something bad for dogs to eat. It would also serve as their training ground. This would train them to which place of the house they are allowed to go to, they would be aware of their surroundings and be more sensitive to their movements and lastly, a haven for them whenever they are anxious or having difficulties to grasp any changes. Like humans, they also need a so-called their safe place. Lastly, kennels are easier to clean. While your dog is still in their training and adjustment stage, the kennel would keep your home clean from your dog’s feces and urine.

Though dog carriers would help your dog in so many ways, they must not be kept in their kennels for a long period of time. They need exercise and adapt to the real world. If you keep them in their kennels for a long period of time, there might be a change in their behavior if you let them step outside. Kennels must be installed in the right place of your home. Somewhere both the dog and the rest of the family members might easily adapt the changes. We also could not avoid children to play around especially if they see dogs. Always take full responsibility both the welfare of the children and the dog to avoid accidents. Kennels must be kept safe and clean at all times. Uncleansed kennels might cause illness to humans and dogs as well. When choosing the right size of the kennel, consider the size of the dog. It should not be too big or too small for the dog. In choosing the right kennel, make sure that the dog can move around, sit, stand and play.